The Classy Podcast

Upworthy’s Creative Director Will Radically Change Your Perspective on Millennials

December 30, 2016

Erica Williams Simon grew up watching her father transform people’s lives through stories. It didn’t take long to realize that she had a similar calling.

Today, after a stint in politics, dozens of TV appearances, numerous conferences, advising the White House and several Fortune 500 companies, and serving as Creative Director for, Erica has honed her voice and built a platform that uses storytelling to affect change across generations, with a particular focus on millennials.

In this episode of the Classy Podcast, Erica shares the work she is doing to create and share messages that help generation Y thrive and radically change the world. She revisits the experience of discovering her strengths, the moments and people that shaped who she is today, and how she approaches journalism and storytelling in very different ways.

In this episode, Erica discusses:

  • How to have a great personal and working relationship with millennials
  • Tactics to get outside your “filter bubble” and listen to news objectively
  • How to get “un-stuck” in your career path
  • Why it’s important to distinguish journalism from storytelling
  • Why it’s ok to not settle for just one professional title
  • The #1 challenge for anyone creating content today
  • Why her go-to power pose has more to do with her heart than her physical presence

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