The Classy Podcast

Toilets & Water Filters: Two Startups Redefining Nonprofit Tech

March 17, 2017

In Classy's first ever podcast panel discussion, and in honor of World Water Day, we speak with two cutting-edge leaders in the WaSH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) sector, Jason Kass and Natalie Relich. 

Natalie is the Executive Director at O’Horizons, a nonprofit developing solutions that are characterized as Low-Tech, High-Thinking. Most notably, they've created a wood mold bio-sand filter that makes it cheaper, faster, and easier to get safe drinking water. Jason is the president and founder of Toilets for People, a social enterprise that designs and manufactures waterless bathroom products and trains NGO partners in the developing world how to build, install & maintain them. Their signature sanitation solution is an affordable, self-contained waterless toilet that uses technology to safely treat human waste.

In this episode, Natalie and Jason share:

  • How to stay forward-thinking at your own social startup
  • Tips for collaborating with like-minded organizations
  • Tactics for incorporating low-tech, high-thinking solutions into your nonprofit programs
  • Why lean startups like theirs are poised to drive significant change for the international development community
  • How low-tech, high-thinking solutions are a more sustainable approach to today's world problems
  • An insightful approach to the definition of "social innovation"