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Forbes Under 30 Entrepreneurs Share (Refreshing) Leadership Advice

April 11, 2017

Two Forbes 30 Under 30 stars are building successful social businesses to address food access in two very different ways: Noam Kimelman through healthy meals on-the-go in Detroit, and Shobhita Soor through insect farming in Ghana. What they have in common is a keen sense for establishing a solid revenue stream for their budding nonprofits and re-aligning the way work shows up in their personal lives. 

In this episode, Noam and Shobhita share:

  • Their founding stories building Fresh Corner Cafe and Aspire Food Group
  • Why they opted for a new revenue model outside the traditional nonprofit route
  • How they’re working towards financial self-sustainability
  • The business advice that influenced their early days
  • How this generation accepts entrepreneurship as a way of life
  • What they stand for: rebelliousness and opportunity