Bridging the Gap Between Nonprofit Business and Technology

June 22, 2018

Michael Prodor, Classy's technical engagement manager, shares the unique insights he’s gained from helping nonprofits implement fundraising software and solve business problems with technology. Learn how technology helps nonprofits grow and scale, the mistakes you might be making with your current tech stack, why you need to lean into conversations with technical-minded people to solve business problems, and more.


Massachusetts General Hospital on Creating a Phenomenal User Experience

June 18, 2018
As the director of interactive solutions in the fundraising office at Massachusetts General Hospital, Noam oversees the organization’s marketing communication stack, peer-to-peer solution, and marketing automation solution. He works with the data team and various IT stakeholders to streamline all of these components, optimizing their content production and creating a phenomenal user experience that influences donor behavior. 
Tune in and learn how to solve for the user’s experience so they get the best-in-class online experience that they expect, why WordPress has been a great open-source technology for their team, how they’ve leveraged APIs to architect custom integrations and scale up their marketing, and more. 

Data Tips From the Director of Development, Information Systems at Shriners Hospitals for Children

June 8, 2018

Joe Kraynak shares how an organization that’s over 90 years old is holding its own in the online fundraising space. Tune in as he shares how to use technology in order to streamline business and the back-end, how he relates consolidated donor data to social media platforms, how Shriners Hospitals for Children are evolving their fundraising model and growing their network with peer-to-peer fundraising, and more.


How Teach For America’s Director of Data Quality and Technology Bridges IT and Development

June 1, 2018
As the director of data quality and technology at Teach For America (TFA), Queen Golder identifies the technology needs of 53 regions across the country and enhances the user experience for their regional and national fundraising base. Working as a bridge between the development department and IT, she identifies the solutions that their users crave, and then translates these needs to IT to execute on them. Tune into this episode and learn how she does it—as well as how she trains users and measures adoption of those systems.

How Team Rubicon’s CIO Is Spearheading a Digital Transformation

May 25, 2018
As CIO and CTO of Team Rubicon, Raj is spearheading a digital transformation that builds a strong technology framework for the organization. In this episode, he shares how he's preparing the groundwork and implementing the change management process that will help Team Rubicon scale. You'll also learn why Raj focuses on collaborative partnership models for his tech and IT teams, his beliefs on the future of the API, the only way you can set yourself to make data-driven decisions into the future, and more. 
This episode is brought to you by Qlik.

How Susan G. Komen’s SVP of Development Gets People to Invest in Possibility

March 23, 2018

Christina Alford had over a decade of nonprofit experience when she came on as senior VP of development at Susan G. Komen. She shares a few of the lessons she’s learned along her journey, including why diversified revenue is key to successfully forecast and innovate, how to prioritize tasks in a resource-constrained environment, anecdotes about a major rebranding initiative, and more.


How PBS’ SVP of Development Services Engages New Generations of Donors

March 16, 2018

In this episode, we sit down with the senior vice president of development services at PBS Betsy Gerdeman to learn from her 20 years in public television. Hear her expert insights on managing a large network of affiliates, adapting to an ever-changing sector, and balancing suppor for hundreds of chapters that each have their unique challenges. You’ll see why Betsy believes a core message doesn’t change, only the way it’s articulated.


Charity Navigator’s Chief Development Officer on Modern Donor Expectations

March 9, 2018

In this episode, Shannon McCracken, chief development officer at Charity Navigator, discusses how the roles of the fundraiser and marketer have transformed over the past two decades, and how the modern donor expects to be engaged. Learn how connected data creates stellar donor experiences, Shannon's tips for nonprofits whose impact can be difficult to explain, how experiments impact their fundraising success, and more.


How the UW Carbone Cancer Center Grows Their Annual 5K

March 2, 2018
Among her many responsibilities, Murphy Dunne spearheads the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center’s online fundraising and runs one of their largest annual events, Race for Research 5K. Learn how she constantly upgrades the run/walk to increase participation, implements modern tools that drive success, and successfully engages communities year after year. 

How Teach For America’s Managing Director of Annual and Major Giving Engages Alumni

February 23, 2018
As the managing director of annual and major giving at Teach For America (TFA), Meghan Cressman is focused on expanding the organization’s individual giving from the national level. Learn how she supports 53 TFA regions—each with their unique philanthropic landscapes—to cultivate a culture of giving within their communities, especially among their alumni. 
Get ready to learn how TFA motivates their alumni to contribute financially, how they leverage and activate their national and regional boards, how Meghan helps maintain consistent branding across 53 regional chapters, and more.

How Heifer International’s Director of Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnerships Activates Power Players

November 14, 2017

Before joining Heifer International, Linda Rogers oversaw the corporate social responsibility arms at two companies you might have heard of: Disney and Coca-Cola. When it comes to corporate partnerships, she’s a seasoned expert that has sat on both sides of the fence—and she’s using her wealth of knowledge to engage influencers. Learn how to identify a strong partner and steward them from start to finish, create ambassadors of your brand, conduct change management, and more.


Vitamin Angels’ Former Senior Digital Marketing Manager on Data-Driven Strategies

November 3, 2017
As the former senior digital marketing manager of Vitamin Angels, Sarah Wright oversaw a uniquely structured team that managed over 100 corporate partnerships. But she was also focused on using data to expand their supporter base and diversify their income. Tune in to learn how she navigated and balanced it all.

From Apple to The Salvation Army: Lessons From the Southern Territory’s Director of Digital Strategy and Engagement

October 27, 2017
After working at Apple for three years, Piper LeJeune brings important lessons learned from her time with one of the most forward-thinking companies in the world to The Salvation Army, Southern Territory. Hear how her leadership and philosophies are moving the organization’s marketing into the future.

Convoy of Hope’s ED of Integrated Marketing Talks Excellence in Leadership

October 20, 2017
From selling cars for about a decade, to launching and running a couple publicly traded companies, to stepping into his current role as Executive Director of Integrated Marketing and feedONE at Convoy of Hope, Jeff Roman has cultivated a rich history of diverse leadership experience. Over the years, he’s honed a leadership style that has built and drives a nonprofit department rooted in excellence. 

How Oxfam’s Digital Engagement Director Drives a Winning Team

October 16, 2017

As the director of digital engagement at Oxfam America, Mason Weintraub shares how they built a digital team that thrives on a culture of collaboration, creativity, and empowerment. As a leader, they know that their team environment translates directly into the success of their digital efforts. You won’t be afraid to try bold, new ideas after listening to this episode.


How Classy’s CEO Built a Top Fundraising Platform for the Social Sector

August 4, 2017

Why does fundraising have to be so hard? It’s a question that guided Scot Chisholm as he transitioned Classy from a neighborhood fundraising event into a leading SaaS company in San Diego. Learn about his serendipitous journey from pizza parlor to CEO, how he handled challenges building an organization from scratch, how the for-profit and nonprofit worlds can work together, and how to create a work environment that drives professional and personal growth for employees.


Former COO of charity: water Shares His Keys to Growth

July 28, 2017

In this episode, former COO of charity: water Rod Arnold discusses their emergence as a premier nonprofit brand and his years of experience as a nonprofit consultant. Tune in to discover what led to their success, how to leverage inbound marketing to capture target audiences, and Rod’s expert advice for tackling growth as a nonprofit organization.


How the Karam Foundation Takes On the Syrian Refugee Crisis

July 21, 2017

The Karam Foundation began when Lina Sergie Attar and her friend started holding social events with a humanitarian spin for Chicago’s Arab-American community. But when the Syrian Civil War created the largest humanitarian crisis of recent times, Lina (a Syrian-American herself) and her team were called to move from small-scale funding to on-the-ground programs. Learn how they stay grounded with a mission of immense scale.

In this episode, Lina shares how Karam adapts their fundraising strategy in response to current events, how her expertise in architecture and design informs Karam’s web presence, where she finds inspiration and motivation to keep going, and more.


How The Honor Foundation’s CEO Maintains a Growth Mindset

July 14, 2017

In this episode, the CEO and founder of The Honor Foundation discusses the unconventional mindsets and practices that grew the organization’s online revenue by 191 percent in one year. Tune in to discover how to stay close to your mission through growth, overcome challenges unique to founders, and hire the right team to take you to the next level.


Why buildOn’s Founder Won’t Play It Safe

July 7, 2017

Jim Ziolkowski left a plum job at GE to start buildOn, a nonprofit organization that breaks the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. But his lofty mission was met with a string of rejections and setbacks. Find out how this failure powered Jim and his team to develop the humility and grit to keep going.

In this episode of the Classy podcast, Jim shares:

  • Why he couldn’t walk away when failure seemed certain
  • How an executive assistant gave buildOn a chance
  • Why he shares their methodology with other organizations
  • How risk-taking created this 25-year-old international nonprofit
  • Why buildOn is not a charity